Baxter Wellington Real Estate® was established by Wil Herring to fill a need in the Inland Empire for Professional, Ethical and knowledgeable agents. The use of the most currant technology, smart phones, text back service, secure data transmissions and electronic document signature enables us to service our clients in the most professional manner. Our agents are required to have 20 hours of continuing education each year. That education enables our agents to advise their clients with the most up to date information and technology available in today's real estate market. Wil feels with a knowledgeable agent and a knowledgeable client the outcome of our transaction will surely stand above our competition.

 We are one of 5,673 nationwide that have Certified Short Sale Professional® on staff. This training enables us to negotiate with the banks and Wall Street. Many short sales are foreclosed on because the seller or the agent did not communicate with the investor in a timely manner. The national average for closing a short sale is 1 in 8 listings. We at  Baxter Wellington®  close 7 out of 8 listings. Many agents price the property below market value to stimulate offers. This is the wrong thing to do. No bank or investor is going to take more of a loss than they need to. Agents using this practice also hurt the people making the offers because they think that they could get the property below market value and when the banks and investors do a BPO ( Broker Price Opinion ) to check current property value the banks reject all offers below market value.

 In the Inland Empire area we have a great number of REOs on the market. REOs are properties that the bank or investor has foreclosed on and they are reselling the property. We hear from many people that they have made offers on 20 or more properties and have not gotten a counter offer on any of them. Again this can be attributed to a part time realtor or an uninformed agent. There are many factors that can contribute to getting an offer accepted. Did the agent do a good CMA to know what a good offering price would be? Does the client have good credit, money for a down payment, good employment, reserve cash? We have said in the past buying a home is not rocket science. 20 or 30 offers are too many offers.

You need a Baxter Wellington® Professional Real Estate agent.

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